Wholesale Reporting

PHOENIX Key Performance Indicators

PHOENIX has developed a wide range of operational KPIs to meet the needs of our partner manufacturers.  These are delivered and reviewed on a monthly basis by PHOENIX Key Account Managers and can be tailored to the needs of individual partners.  Reports are aimed at monitoring service level to our mutual downstream customers.

Wholesale Data Reports

PHOENIX works closely with its manufacturer partners to deliver bespoke Business Intelligence Reporting solutions. With our flexible approach and ‘can do’ attitude, we are able to accommodate additional data requests and support manufacturers in providing granular intelligence including retail/hospital sales to postal brick or CCG level.

Whilst you know your ex-factory sales into wholesale, PHOENIX All-in-One is able to offer reports to give further insight into your brands at customer level:

    a. Analyse which areas and regions are selling more

    b. Optimise your product supply

        i. New product launch tracking

        ii. Retrospective therapy class analysis

    c. Correlate between supply and downstream customer demand

        i. Reports configured to postcode, customer and channel level

        ii. Tailored to mirror your territories or NHS region

    d. Daily, weekly or monthly frequency of reporting available

Business Intelligence: An Overview

At PHOENIX UK we are able to leverage analytics and real-time data analysis to stay ahead of customer demand...

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Patient Level Insight

Through our 1400 retail pharmacy organisations we will analyse up to 2 million patient interactions per month to provide real time, granular insight at the point of dispensing.

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Wholesale Reporting

With our flexible approach and ‘can do’ attitude, we are able to provide data to support manufacturers to better assess sales effectiveness, launch success and demand planning. Reports can be configured to territory, region or CCG level.

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