Nupharm, a wholly owned subsidiary of PHOENIX in the UK, operates to the strict requirements laid down by Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice (GMDP) and the Home Office Requirements for Controlled Drugs.

Parallel Importation and repacking of pharmaceutical products from across Europe is Nupharm’s main business activity.

With a supplier base across 15 countries and approximately 800 product licences, Nupharm allows PHOENIX UK to competitively purchase products in other markets where significant price differentials exist across the European single market.

All PHOENIX UK Parallel Import purchasing is conducted by Nupharm’s dedicated team of experienced buyers.

In order to facilitate efficient and cost effective point of care dispensing and allow clinicians to concentrate on the needs of their patients Nupharm produces over-labelled UK products for hospitals, family planning clinics and other care providers. Nupharm currently provides over-labelling services to around 60 locations across the UK.

Nupharm also holds a WDA (V) licence allowing it to trade in veterinary medicines; it currently has more than 500 customers and stocks a range of commonly purchased products.