Hospital, Specialist & Niche Markets

At PHOENIX, we enable our manufacturer partners to access Hospital, Specialised and Niche markets.


PHOENIX Hospital Services provides national, full line wholesale distribution to both N.H.S. and Private hospitals in the UK, along with a wide range of value added services.  We provide a dedicated Hospital Contracts and Stock Team, Hospital Account Managers and a Hospital Customer Services Team to provide a personalised service and support network that optimises your results. With a comprehensive stock profile, full contract pricing availability, bespoke over-labelling, and flexible deliveries we aim to be your hospital partner of choice.

PSUK is both the largest dispensing doctor membership organisation in the UK, and the largest pharmaceutical supplier to prescribing only practices in England and Wales. PSUK’s extensive knowledge of the marketplace ensures that pharmaceutical manufacturer partners are able to access, understand and maximise their sales, by working in close partnership with PSUK.

Niche markets
Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have difficulty accessing niche markets, as diverse as Family Planning, Dentists, Sports Clinics and Podiatry. PSUK is the preferred supplier to many of the major companies and organisations operating in these markets. Our knowledge is unsurpassed and working with pharmaceutical manufacturer partners, we are able to develop bespoke strategies to enable sales success.


Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Solutions team at Rowlands Pharmacy have been providing outpatient dispensing services to hospitals for over 5 Years.  They have overseen the successful award, implementation and ongoing Management of several hospital outpatient pharmacies across the U.K.

With full ownership of the Outpatient Service the team are able to provide full transparency of all dispensing transactions and invoicing, driven by our choice to always use the same dispensing system as the Trust. Our commitment to partnership and ability to implement unique specifications by each partner Trust has driven confidence in our ability to deliver excellent service and we are recognised for offering a full range of bespoke and innovative hospital pharmacy dispensing solutions.